This year we have been lucky to have another new design created by one of our Masters Swimmers, Alec Townsend. We would like to thank Alec for his work, it has been greatly appreciated!



To Register Online Click here

Registration will be at the Grange foreshore between 7.30 am and 9.15 am.  Late entries will close at 9.00 am.



The 2018 Nine News Jetty to Jetty Australia Day Long Swim will be from the southern side of the Grange Jetty to finish on the southern side of the Henley Jetty.



Masters Swimming SA has engaged the services of Event Strategies as the official timer and recorder for the 2018 Nine News Jetty to Jetty Australia Day Long Swim.

All swimmers will be issued with an ankle timing chip on Registration.

We anticipate an efficient registration process and electronic timing with full results immediately after the event.

Pre-entry online is strongly encouraged as it not only saves swimmers money but will enhance the speedy registration of all swimmers.


Race Briefing

Race briefing will occur at 9.30 am on the foreshore at the Grange.  At the conclusion of the briefing swimmers will be asked to move straight to the Marshaling area.



Final marshaling will occur on the beach at Grange at 9.45 am sharp.



The swim will have starting waves with a 3 minute gap between each wave.  The waves will based on age groups with all swimmers of the same age group starting at the same time.  This will mean that some waves will be larger than others but the starting line will be adequate to ensure all swimmers have a safe start.

This means that swimmers of the same age will be competing against one another without any time adjustments that have occured in the past.  Your position across the finish line will be your true position in your age group.

Late entries will be added to their correct age group wave when they register.

10.00 am   Start 1.  60 years and older

10.03 am   Start 2.  55 to 59 years

10.06 am   Start 3.  50 to 54 years

10.12 am   Start 4.  40 to 49 years

10.15 am   Start 5.  18 to 39 years

10.18 am   Start 6.  11 to 17 years



Presentations will be held in Henley Square shortly after the last swimmer completes the course.